Will The Game and Meek Mill Come to Blows?James Dimmock/Atlantic Records; Jonathan Mannion/entertainment OneThe Game‘s manager thinks that the rapper’s ongoing feud with Meek Mill should be settled — with their fists, according to gossip website Rhymes with Snitch. 

Wack 100 recently proposed the idea on his private Instagram account, in a post that was captured by Rhymes with Snitch. “No guns No b******* just a good old squab and it’s done. That way all that’s involved can release there angers,” he wrote.  

“We know Meek can’t rap and fears the booths battle but we also know that scary n**** hiding behind everybody. So if he’s a boss like he said he is he’ll come out to play,” Wack added. 

This proposal follows Game’s recent disclosure the reason behind his beef with Meek, which stems from a past nightclub incident in Los Angeles in which Sean Kingston was robbed. 

On Tuesday, Game released a diss track aimed at Meek, titled “Pest Control.” That same day, Meek wrote a message on Instagram for his haters as well. 

“Watch how hard you shine on n*****…. everybody b catching the vapors! #BEENKNEWYOUWASHATINGONME STILL UP AS F*** & NEVER BEEN TOUCHED!” Meek declared. 

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