YBN Cordae is back with new visuals f his latest project, “Lost Boy.”

YBN Cordae spent the last year and a half being considered the next-up in the rap game. Although he hadn’t released a ton music, it seems that he proved the hype was well worth it with his debut album, Lost Boy. Many have dubbed the project one the best the year and Cordae is just getting started. With his new album out, he’s been rolling out new visuals. Today, he comes through with the powerful visuals for “Broke As Fuck.”

YBN Cordae brings us back in time to his childhood with his latest music video. In “Broke As Fuck,” Cordae and his friends take their bicycles down to the store. As they cause havoc in the corner store, Cordae raps his verse until his friends abruptly run out the store, prompting Cordae to do the same. The store owner follows him out and then shoots him before a song switch occurs and Cordae wakes up.

Peep the full video above.