Young Thug Handles Giant Tarantula Like A Pro: Watch

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Another reminder that Young Thug is fearless.

. The Atlanta rapper is selling you an experience when you choose to support his dreams and through his latest foray into clothing, he earns the chance to visually represent his genius in new ways. We’ve been able to hear his mastermind for years on record and . , . In doing so, he stopped by a shop and asked to handle one of the largest spiders in the place, impressing his homie T-Shyne with his fearlessness.

Young Thug Handles Giant Tarantula Like A Pro: Watch
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

With some icebergs on his wrist, Thugger allowed the furry little creature to navigate the palm of his hand. Jeffery was impressed by the spider’s grip, turning his hand to face the ground and acting stunned when the tarantula stayed put. The rapper did not show an ounce of discomfort. In fact, he looks like he was seriously in his element while playing with the animal.

He’s got to stay true to his name. , now he’s rocking with some of the creepiest looking spiders around. What’s next for the eccentric young superstar?